Winter is fast approaching!

With Winter on the horizon now is the time to make sure your vehicle is winter ready. The last thing anyone needs is a non start on a freezing cold morning or a breakdown in the dark. Here are a few pointers and things to check to ensure safe and efficient driving throughout the cold months ahead.

1) Service- If your vehicle is due a service in the next month or so get this done as soon as possible. This means any issues found can be rectified before the cold weather sets in. At KMK we offer a comprehensive service at a great price please click here to find out more.

2) Battery- Check your vehicles battery. Batteries tend to have a five year lifespan. Make sure yours is working as it should because in cold temperatures output can be reduced and the increased use of lights, heater and blower will add further strain.

3) Antifreeze- Top up your engine coolant with antifreeze as the water will dilute over time and will freeze in the cold weather which can lead to engine overheating.

4) Tyres- Check all tyres for pressure and depth. KMK would recommend where possible to change to Winter/Snow tyres for the winter months as they will offer increased grip in snow slush or ice.

5) Lights- Check all lights for cracked lenses or blown bulbs. Also check full beam headlights, fog lights and indicators. Everything needs to working at maximum capacity as there will be increased driving in the dark.

6) Windscreen- Throughly clean inside and out. Top up screen wash fluid with antifreeze. Run fingers down wiper blade to detect any nicks or tears. Check for any chips in the windscreen. If any found get repaired now as they can grow in the cold weather.

7) Brakes- Get Brake Pads/Discs and Brake Fluid checked to ensure brakes are fast and responsive to protect on icy roads.

8) Fan Belt/Alternator- Check both are tight and not worn and that plugs and leads are in good condition and secure.

9) Breakdown Kit- Make sure you have a breakdown kit in the boot. Items to include are a shovel, torch, blanket, hi vis vest, screen wash, food and drink, scraper, de-icer and snow grips for footwear. Also ensure your mobile phone is fully charged before you set off driving.

Hopefully these pointers will ensure you stay safe whilst driving in the winter months. Remember here at KMK we are here to assist you in any way we can so if you have any questions on the above or would like any of the above checked please call us on 020 8033 5838 or click here.

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